I have always carried a ton of bags with a ton of things in them.  

I think it all started when I lived in NYC and had to carry as much as possible with me so I didn’t have to run home (especially since I lived way downtown in Battery Park City). I typically carry at least 2 bags at a time, one cute novelty type bag (usually a tote from The House of Perna) that holds all of my essentials and one with my computer or anything else that I may need for the day.

Now, throw my little one in the mix, and that means a third, or sometimes a fourth bag. The most important bag BY FAR is my diaper bag.  Here is what I carry with me on a typical day.  I have included links for where to find the items (or similar).

Disclaimer- I am definitely not saying these are the right items for every Mom/child or that you have to buy the same ones that I do, it is simply what works for us.  This is also in no particular order.


I have always been a collector of Gucci bags, so I was super excited when my sweet husband bought me this bag. Afterall, it is the bag that I carry every day.


When she was born I couldn’t wait to put her in her pretty Honest Company diapers.  They just didn’t work for us though.  We seemed to have a lot of blowouts.  We switched to Pampers, and I couldn’t be happier. We also LOVE the blue line indicator so we can tell if she’s wet without having to look in her diaper, because these days it is definitely her least favorite activity.  *Bonus tip- we get the Amazon subscription so that we never run out, and we don’t have to worry about running to the store or having to stockpile them.


These are my favorite wipes and wipe holder. Ok, I mildly cheated by adding 2 in one, but I genuinely love the refillable wipe holder.  It makes it easy to add new wipes as needed and I love the printed design too :). And wipes...well duh.



I have used Dr Bronner’s products since I was young.  I am super sensitive to synthetic smells, but love things that smell nice.  This is perfect because it has an amazing lavender scent, and no harsh chemicals are used.  I love this spray because it is perfect for those situations where you have a diaper emergency, but nowhere to wash your hands.


Some days are just more stressful than others.  I love using different essential oils to help with those “how am i going to get this all done???” kind of days (and we all have them).


This one is obviously for me, Chanel Lipgloss.  These days, I don’t have much time to spend putting on makeup (between running a business and having my daughter with me 24/7 can you blame me?), but this is always my go to for a little something to make me look semi put together.


I actually usually keep a few different back up outfits in her bag.  I keep one super cute one, and one super easy one. A girl can never have too many outfits ;).


This is my Mom’s doing.  She loves putting headbands on the little one.  She wants to make sure everyone knows she’s a girl. I truthfully very rarely use them, but on days when her outfit is a bit more masculine, I put them to use.


This nasal aspirator is SUPER important especially if your little one is sick. She hates when we use it, but its a must.


Meet Sophie la Girafe. She is getting teeth, and Sophie is a must have.  She is cute and the different textures soothe the little one’s gums.


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